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TW Catalogue EN Int. 03-2015

2 03/2015 10 10. SCS system SCS Stainless steel winged self drilling fastener 3. form the thread and fix firmly 2. penetrate the steel or aluminium profile 1. pre-drill the timber The impressive performance of SCS winged self drilling fastener The SCS system for long-lasting outdoor fixing of timber to metal profiles Advantages: n rapid, secure installation n fixing timber to metal substructures in one step n countersunk heads enable effi- cient anchorage in both hard- and softwoods n excellent corrosion resistance n hardened, zinc-plated fastener drill tips n increased diameter of the timber drilling means reduced problems through shrinking and swelling of the timber n stainless steel will not discolour the wood timber and then the metal in a single operation. Metal thicknesses of up to 5 mm can be handled self-drilling and -tapping, providing optimum fixing every time. The countersunk head SCS winged self drilling fasteners are used to fix planks, boards and decking to steel and aluminium substructures. Rapid installation is ensured because the fastener penetrates first the finishes flush in both hard and soft wood and as the fasteners are stain- less steel there is no discolouration. L KL L KL Ø 10 Ø 10 SCS3 SCS5 dk dk L KL ©KLAUS BIERSCHENK Garten- und Landschaftsbau, DE-95466 Kirchenpingarten 203/2015

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