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TW Catalogue EN Int. 03-2015

2 03/2015 9 9. TWIN UD system TWIN UD Carbon steel self drilling double threaded fastener The impressive performance of theTwin UD double threaded fasteners The tried and testedTwin UD for efficient façade and roof top insulation Advantages: n proven secure solution n design software n optimally adapted fastener, devel- oped for this specific application n high resistance to tension and compression thanks to the double threading n suitable for insulation layers of up to 300 mm thickness n Minimal thermal bridges through continuous insulation layer  European Technical Approval ETA-12/0038 120° 120° 50 50 E E 120° 0,5 E E E 120° 120°120° The new, fully optimisedTwin UD Revolutionary new design features now make the system even more efficient on roofs and walls: n the new tip minimises the danger of splitting the timber n optimised double-thread with the same pitch enables adjustment of the battens n knurl reduces insertion moment n maximum performance thanks to the matched thread diameters n complete range from 170 mm to 480 mm length The new, re-engineered double threaded Twin UD offers planners and installers decisive advantages. Façade and roof top insulation in both new-build and renovation work is now safe, quicker and easier in design and The Twin UD system has proved its worth in the market place for over twenty years as the ideal fixing for roof top insulation and rear ventilated facades on timber substructures. execution. The Twin UD offers efficient processing and high energy efficiency. The counter batten is connected di- rectly to the substructure in only one workstep with double threaded Twin UD fasteners. 203/2015

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