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TW Catalogue EN Int. 03-2015

2 03/2015 8 8. VB system VB Carbon steel timber-concrete composite fasteners The impressive performance of the VB timber-concrete composite fasteners TheVB system for timber-concrete composite constructions in renovation and new-build timber floors Advantages: n tested and field-proven system n savings of up to 40% n retaining the existing structure n high load-bearing capacity and stiffness with low attachment height n optimum sound insulation and fire safety n rooms below can be used during the work n design software ensures relia- ble planning n ergonomic, rapid insertion with visual monitoring n powerful setting tool  European Technical Approval ETA-13/0699 timber-concrete composite system. Load-bearing capacity is increased, sound insulation and fire safety re- quirements are optimally met. The existing body of the structure continues to be utilised. Complicated, Timber-concrete composite is a field- proven construction system in which a thin concrete slab is rigidly attached to a timber purlin. When buildings are being renovated, existing ceilings can be ideally preserved by using the VB expensive demolition is unnecessary. Economies of up to 40% can be achieved compared to conventional solutions. The attractive solution for renova- tion and new-build alike In renovation work it is often sensible, if not imperative, to reinforce exist- ing ceilings. The VB timber-concrete composite system avoids the need to tear down existing timber ceilings or construct new concrete structures. The valuable building structure is retained. The VB system can also hold its own in new-builds, where it offers a genu- inely alternative system. The aesthetic appeal of a timber ceiling is married to the structural physical advantage of concrete, creating a reliable and innovative ceiling structure. VB fasteners and setting tool VB fasteners are available in two sizes. They are inserted without pre-drilling via the Torx drive while maintaining an upright posture – eliminating backache – using the special system tool directly into the beams. The setting tool is equipped with a special depth stop to ensure correct insertion. The system components are perfectly coordinated and have already proved their qualities millions of times in practical use. Intelligent system software The design program is an integral part of the SFS intec VB ttimber-concrete composite system. All the necessary calculations are performed on the basis of your individual parameters and you can then comfortably print out the precise installation plan and verifiable structural engineering calculations. Personal support Our specialists have years of expe- rience and extensive knowledge, allowing them to offer you genuine system support. 203/2015

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