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TW Catalogue EN Int. 03-2015

2 03/2015 7 7. WF system WFD-T Carbon steel partial threaded fasteners The impressive performance of the WF partial threaded fasteners WFD,WFO,WFR: timber construction screws for timber to timber and timber to steel connections The WFD timber construction screw with dual drive n Combined internal and external drives T30/H12 – T40/H15 n internal drive for countersinking n no danger of skidding with the external hexagon drive n washers available to increase pull- through capacity of the head Advantages: n knurl reduces the insertion torque, making the fasteners particularly easy to use. n European Technical Approval ETA-12/0373 The WFO timber construction screw with internal drive n T40 – T50 internal drives n rapid insertion thanks to the coarse thread n flat head increases pull-through capacity of the head The double-start threaded WFR for rapid installation n T20 – T30 internal drive n 50% faster insertion thanks to the double-start thread n countersunk head n bites with minimal pressure n milling recess prevents splitting of the wood tions such as fitting rafters, roofing and timber house construction. Smaller WFR’s are useful for fixing wood-based panels to sub-frames; e.g. shear walls. Various applications can be realised The self-tapping timber screws WFD, WFO and WFR can be used to fix tim- ber members, wood-pased panels and steel parts to timber. WFD and WFO are primarily used in timber construc- with the comprehensive range of WF system. The European Technical Ap- proval enables a reliable design. 203/2015

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