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TW Catalogue EN Int. 03-2015

2 03/2015 4 4. WR system WR-T Carbon steel self drilling full threaded fasteners The impressive performance of the WR full threaded fasteners The WR fixing system for fastening, strengthening and timber to steel fixing Advantages: n very high performance n wide range of applications n lengths up to 1000 mm n insertion parallel with the grain also possible n no decline of load bearing capacity from 90° to 45° relative to the grain n installation without pre-drilling n low splitting tendency = small spacings and distances n connection not visible n high corrosion resistance (Durocoat)  European Technical Approval ETA-12/0062 Performance with comprehensive benefits for you Reductions in time and cost Structural timber elements are joined with the WR special fastener in a single operation, without pre-drilling. Installation is simple and secure using the recommended tools. Wide range of application The WR system opens up assembly solutions that were previously ex- tremely time-consuming. This enables a variety of familiar fasteners to be replaced. Besides simplifying mate- rial management, this also results in inventory savings. Secure joints Screwed joints are invisible and thus aesthetically pleasing. The fastener is also largely protected against corro- sion and against heat in the event of fire. timber connections as main/second- ary beam connections, rafter/purlin connections and flitch beams. Steel components can also be fitted to tim- bers with the WR system for end grain Countless simple and efficient timber engineering applications are possible, thanks to the comprehensive range of lengths available in the WR pro- gramme. These include timber to connections, frame corners and wind bracings. The WR system is also ideal for compression reinforcement in sup- port areas or tension reinforcement perpendicular to the grain. 203/2015

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