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TW Catalogue EN Int. 03-2015

2 03/2015 3 3. WT system WT-T / WT-S Self drilling double threaded fastener The impressive performance of the WT double threaded fasteners The proven WT fastening system for universal application in structural timberwork Advantages:  simple, reliable calculation  diverse range of application  durable joints with high load-bearing capacity  fast, efficient installation without pre-drilling  form-fitting joint due to double thread  high aesthetic standard due to countersunk fastener  high fire resistance  special installation accessories  European Technical Approval ETA-12/0063 With the WT system by SFS intec, innovative architects and engineers can achieve unusual design concepts inexpensively, without compromising on safety and aesthetic aspects. Well-conceived fastening solutions are called for to implement creative, efficient construction methods effi- ciently and cost-effectively in structural timberwork. This efficient fastening system offers convincing advantages both for highly complex engineering structures and also in structural timberwork. Optimal combination of installation convenience and cost-effectiveness For small dimensions like battens or heavily stressed purlin reinforcement: the WT system is a convincing solution for a very wide range of applications and offers comprehensive benefits. Fast, secure installation Adapted to a wide range of applica- tions well-conceived setting tools are available for the efficient, precise in- stallation of the fasteners and fatigue- free working. Structural-physical advantages Particularly worth mentioning are the high fire resistance due to the con- cealed location of the fasteners and the elimination of heat bridges. The fasteners countersunk in the timber are also an advantage in terms of aesthetics. Durable joints The special fastener’s double thread pulls the structural elements together to produce a form-fitting joint. Cohe- sion forces are optimally coordinated even with varying moisture levels in the timber. Principles of calculation Detailed planning documentation ca- tering for a very wide range of applica- tions ensures easy, reliable calculation. For special applications our structural timberwork consultants will be pleased to assist you in selecting the most efficient and cost-effective fastening method. 203/2015

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