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TW Catalogue EN Int. 03-2015

13 Cutting the cost of materials management, optimising processes and enjoying completely trans parent information flow. In today’s complex economic environ- ment with its ever-changing demands, the speed of response, accuracy and reliability of your business activities is crucial. SFS intec can help you to meet these challenges and has developed a wide range of logistic support mechanisms to meet your business needs. These systems enable you to optimise your purchasing and materials management processes and to work simply and efficiently with us as your dedicated supply partner. We offer a made-to-measure logistical solution tailored to your specific needs from simple solutions to specific problems. We will analyse your com- plete procurement, warehousing and despatch processes to suggest ways you can improve efficiency, enhance your sustainability objectives or cut costs. Efficiency improvements all along the value-added chain: Simple, streamlined order processes and reduced storage costs Detailed analysis of the materials management process A range of process optimisation solutions Transparent information flow More efficiency: Optimised supply chain management. 13.903/2015 Business SolutionsTimber Work

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