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TW Catalogue EN Int. 03-2015

4303/2015 11 WT / WR Lateral compression reinforcements 3/6 General remarks: - Connection geometries as shown in the drawings must be adhered to. - Tables apply for angle  = 90° between the screw axis and the direction of the timber grain. - The fastener heads must all lie completely flush with the timber surface. - The fasteners must be inserted precisely perpendicular to the contact surface. - No intermediate layer is permitted between the screw head and the steel plate. - The load-bearing capacity of the connection is the product of the sum of fastener load-bearing capacities and the compressive force which can be absorbed by the bearing surface in terms of EN 1995-1-1 . - Lateral compressive strain in the plane of the fastener point must be demonstrated in every case with lef,2 as shown in the drawing. – All calculations must be verified and signed off by the planner in charge of the project before the work is performed. End supports l 45° d lef,2 45° d lef,2 a1,c a1 a1 a1 a1 l Stahlplatte S235 Stahlplatte S235 a2,ca2,ca2a2a2,ca2,ca2a2 Central supports proposed size min d [mm] = 2,70 . FRd [kN] Rd = design load-bearing capacity of a fastener S235 steel plate Proposal of design Edge and intermediate spacing * only possible if a1  10 x d1 steel plate S235steel plate S235 steel plate S235steel plate S235 Axial WT-S/T WR-T Ø 6,5 8,2 9 13 d1 [mm] parallel with the grain a1 5 33 40 45 65 at right angles to the grain a2 5 33 40 45 65 a2,red* 2,5 16 20 -- -- unstressed end-grain timber a1,c 5 33 40 45 65 unstressed edge a2,c 3 15 24 27 39 Technical documentation and data sheets 11. Ø 6,58,2913 parallel with the grain a1 533404565 a2 533404565 a2,red* 2,51620 -- -- unstressed end-grain timber a1,c 533404565 unstressed edge a2,c 315242739

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