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RC Catalogue EN Int. 10-2014

510/2014 11 FBN II Technical information Application Fixing the corner brackets of the beams or metal structures onto concrete. Recommended materials: Concrete C20/25 to C50/60, non-cracked Natural stone with dense structure Material Fastener ■ Fastener FBN II Zinc-plated steel Stainless steel grade AISI 316 Order code FBN II- 8,0x 56-K Application Product Type d L t h2 Application range Carbon steel Stainless steel A4 FBN II- FBN II- 8,0x 8,0x 56-K 56-K 5 5 51 51 Assembly recommendations: The metal fastener must be positioned in the upper slotted hole Fire resistance Drill bit for concrete: Ø 8 mm: SDS4-Plus-8xL Rainscreen cladding Fasteners FBN II Fasteners for corner brackets Fasteners for corner brackets onto concrete 11. Tools and accessories can be found in chapter 12

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