Sales and delivery conditions

1. Field of application
These general provisions apply unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2. Conclusion of the contract
Under these conditions, all deliveries and tenders of SFS intec Oy Eesti filiaal (hereinafter: SFS) are made without exception. Other terms apply only if SFS has agreed in writing to them. This also applies if the customer refers to his / her business or procurement terms and conditions when approving the SFS offer. If no other deadline has been agreed, SFS offers will be valid for one month from the date of the offer. If the order deviates from the offer, the offer is not valid.

3. Prices
The price list includes the gross price, which includes the shipping cost from the SFS factory or central warehouse and does not include VAT. The discount will be made based on the size of the order or the total amount of purchases per year in accordance with special contracts. SFS reserves the right to change unforeseen prices due to changing market conditions, price increases or currency fluctuations, etc. In case of after-sales order, the seller is not obliged to sell the previous order price.

4. Shipping
Unless otherwise agreed, SFS sends the product out of stock (EE), ie to other country without duty and VAT. Unless otherwise agreed, SFS itself chooses the appropriate delivery method. When loading products in the warehouse / factory, the risk liability is transferred to the customer. The shipment takes place under the responsibility of the customer. Shipping costs from the (EE) sales office are paid by the customer.

5. VAT costs
All prices are without VAT. When delivering from Tallinn (EE) warehouse, the goods are at Tallinn warehouse price.

6. Delivery time
The delivery date / day of date is binding on SFS only upon unambiguous written confirmation. Liability for delayed delivery is excluded, unless the SFS has deliberately or through gross negligence agreed on unrealistic delivery deadlines and this has caused a delay. In this case, the liability is limited to the direct damage caused by the delay, provided that the damage was predictable. No loss of profit, loss of production disruption, purchase of missing goods or other indirect damage shall be indemnified. This limitation of liability is valid as long as it complies with the law in force in Estonia. Delivery time refers to the moment of removal of the goods from the factory / warehouse.

7. Partial deliveries
The last part of the delivery must be issued no later than 12 months after the first delivery.

8. Unexpected delivery problems
An unexpected situation, such as force majeure or the like, which is beyond the control of SFS or its suppliers, relieves SFS of part or all of the obligation. In this case, any claim for compensation is excluded.

9. Payment Terms
Payment must be made no later than 30 days after the invoice date. For orders under 100, - EUR (without VAT), a small order fee of 5, - EUR will be added. Default interest on late payment is added. A fee will be added to the paper bill and the splitting of the packaging according to the SFS price list.

10. Sales Warranty
The seller has the right to ask for the security of the goods to be delivered until the purchase amount is paid in full, with interest and costs. Acceptance is not considered a payment until it is fully paid.

11. Making a complaint
The customer has a duty to review the goods immediately upon receipt. Obvious shortcomings must be reported in writing immediately to SFS, at the latest within 14 days. If the customer fails to do so, the goods will be deemed accepted unless there is a defect that could not be seen at the initial observation. If such a defect subsequently becomes evident, it must be reported immediately after the discovery together with reported on the working methods and used tool. SFS is solely responsible for supplies new, flawless material. Expected direct economic loss shall be compensated to the Client only if the fault is caused by SFS either intentionally or due to gross negligence. Indirect damage is not compensated.

12. Specially designed products
For specially made products, the buyer must accept the possibility that the quantity of the ordered goods is up to 15% lower or higher.

13. Design Assistance
In certain cases and for certain products, the SFS may, after a separate written agreement, assist the purchaser in design and strength calculations. The buyer has to check the final project and the strength calculations himself and is responsible for it. In this case, the SFS may also provide assistance in training or supervising the purchaser.

14. Packaging
Standard packages are used for all deliveries. The price of the packages depends on the type of packaging and can be found in the annex to the SFS price list. Pallets are sold at cost or through the carrier's transmission system. Unless otherwise agreed, SFS itself chooses the appropriate packaging method.

15. Return
Return must be approved by the seller. The seller only accepts undamaged and complete standard packages. The amount invoiced is minus 30%. The cost of shipping the returned product is carried by the buyer.

16. Documents
The dimensions, text data and illustrations in the SFS documents are not binding. For products made specifically for the customer, it is possible that the SFS product drawing is mandatory.

17. Product Liability
Product liability claims are excluded to the fullest extent consistent with applicable law. However, if third party claims are submitted to SFS, the buyer is required to protect SFS against such claims.

18. Printed Copies
Any reprints and copies, as well as extracts, including brochures, SFS rules, etc., are permitted only with the written consent of SFS.

19. Disputes
In the event of a dispute between the buyer and seller, Estonian law applies, in case of failure to reach an agreement, the civil case shall be resolved by the Estonian Circuit Court.