Test laboratory

Every SFS intec production site has an in-house test laboratory within the quality control facilities to ensure the required parameters of finished parts.

In the Heerbrugg H.Q., there is an EN/ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 accredited lab facility. That means that the test procedures carried out there are regularly checked by external auditors within the framework of the accreditation procedure.

Laboratory accreditation covers the following points:

Techno-mechanical test procedures
( hardness tensile, torsion testing etc.)

Metallographic inspections

Spectroscopic analysis of metals
( chemical analysis )

Corrosion testing
( salt spray testing, various climatic simulations)

Other tests carried out in Heerbrugg include:

  • Cleanliness
  • Coating thickness

Physical laboratory for plastics


Climate testing


Other test methods used at the Altstätten plastics centre include:

  • Melt flow rate (MVR/MFR)
  • Karl Fischer titration for trace water determination
  • Colour measurements
  • UVA rapid weathering


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