Turning innovative ideas into working models.

Ever-increasing component complexity and the demand for functional testing of assemblies call for faster delivery of working models. To this end, SFS intec employs modern rapid prototyping techniques. Preparing metal and plastic prototypes with expert partner suppliers is a powerful support to efficient development work – enabling us to focus in on important functional details.

Selective laser melting
Starting from design data, the engineers’ concepts can be converted into lifelike, full-scale solid models at little cost. Working with such prototypes, produced by selective laser melting (SLM), design features can be optimised for the manufacture of series production parts. Selective laser sintering is ideal for prototyping plastic parts.

Selective laser melting
Selective laser sintering (SLM) is a technique available for creating prototype metal tools for producing cold formed component samples. Metal powder is fused layer by layer, following 3D computer aided design models. The resulting parts – a component or tool - exhibit remarkable 99%-plus compacting, making them capable of supporting realistic mechanical testing

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