Surface treatments

The central focus in surface treatments is generally corrosion proofing, achieving the right friction characteristic or quite simply improving the appearance.

Various surface finishes

Zinc coating

  • Blue passivation
  • Blue passivation plus spedacor
  • Thick film passivation


  • Black passivation and sealing
  • Thick film passivation

Zinc platelets

  • Multiple-layer finish applied by spray or dip and drag


  • Black passivation and sealing
  • Thick film passivation
  • Thick film passivation plus spedacor

Other options

  • Stainless starting materials such as A2 or A4; or non-ferrous
  • Zink phosphate, nickel plate, copper dip
  • Zinc plate, burnished or painted surfaces

Decorative surfaces

The special processes UNI-LUBE, electro-polishing (EP) and physical vapour deposition (PVD) offered by our Unisteel subsidiary create extraordinary aesthetic finishes.

Consult the Unisteel homepage for more details.


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