Cleaning and cleansing

State-of-the-art equipment, coupled with a systematic approach to cleaning concept, enables SFS intec to meet the most exacting cleanliness requirements. That includes all the requirements of VDA Volume 19 and ISO 16232. That means customers can eliminate additional cleaning of incoming parts and thus increase their productivity.

Cleaning and cleansing processes achieving the required level of cleanliness.

Modern infrastructure enables maximum flexibility in individual levels of cleanliness to be achieved.

The following cleaning procedures are currently employed:

Standard cleaning
Multi-station cleaning baths

Multi-station cleaning baths with ultrasonics and pressure flooding

High-end cleaning
Multi-station cleaning baths with ultrasonics and pressure flooding

These various cleaning procedures serve to eliminate:

Hard, dense materials
such as metals, minerals (sand, quartz, etc.) ceramics (silicon-carbide, carborundum and diamond grinding media)

Soft, flexible materials
such as threads, rubber, plastic and cellulose from packaging as well as fluids used in cooling and lubrication.

Conductive materials
such as metal dust


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