100% attribute inspection and test

Zero-defect planning begins at SFS intec at the initial project planning phase. Depending on the customer’s requirements, targeted test techniques can reduce faults and concerns to around 0 to 3 ppm levels; an investment that soon pays for itself.

An investment which pays off

The additional product inspection costs pay dividends in many ways.

Significant savings potentials include:

  • Reducing down-time and repair work costs on automated assembly lines
  • Improved end-product functional security in use
  • Avoidance of warranty claims and public image issues
  • Minimising the on-cost of complaints

Top quality a million times over

Over sixty automated sorting machines are employed in Heerbrugg for standardised 100% attribute control.

Subject to the product, process or customer-specific demands, individual inspection stations are designed and built in-house at SFS intec. Depending on the particular manufacturing process involved, test and inspection operations can be either integrated into the production route, or carried out after completion of the component manufacture.

Techniques employed:

Image recognition on component shaft
Checking lengths, and/or diameters, surface defects, thread dimensions, etc.

Image recognition on component head
Checking head geometry, drill holes, cracks, surface defects, etc.

Eddy currents
Checking for head and body cracks

Grain inspection
Checking hardness and correct alloy

Roll testers
Eliminating foreign bodies and mixed parts


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