Production capabilities

Injection moulding offers the potential to achieve multi-faceted technical solutions. Few manufacturing limitations are imposed on the component design. SFS intec offers a number of key capabilities in the manufacture of components from plastic.


If a component has to fulfil a variety of functional and design criteria, innovative solutions can be achieved through the combination of different materials and processes. Technology-wide know-how enables SFS to blend the specific properties of metals and plastics so effectively. Metal parts can be pressings, cold formed components or deep drawn parts.

Components with intricate lattice structures

Plastic is the ideal material for producing perfect, minute structures such as those required in loud speaker grills and filter bodies.

Thanks to their multi-faceted material properties in terms of formability, plastics are able to meet exacting and innovative design requirements in in-car loudspeakers. This is further supported by their high mechanical strength and ability to transfer the complete aural tone spectrum.

Filter components can be produced with structures below 0.1 mm and filter sizes of 70 microns. Such directly-moulded plastic filters replace the coated metal and textile bases hitherto used, with clear value analytical advantages.

Miniature components

Miniaturisation demands ever more compact manufacturing solutions from designers and development engineers. Our know-how in multi-component and precision injection moulding enables us to offer tight manufacturing tolerances with parts weighing no more than 0.02g. Thanks to modern tooling and manufacture, complex shapes can be consistently achieved in parts down at this weight level.

CardaFlex® products

The CardaFlex® system is an in-house development of SFS intec. It enables the continuous over-moulding of diverse functional geometries onto carrier bands. These can be chemical or textile strings or even steel strip or cable. CardaFlex ® solutions are used mostly in drives and controls or for power transfer applications.

Multi-part components

The multi-part injection moulding process enables the same material in different colours or different materials such as hard and soft plastics to be combined in a single component and manufacturing operation. Combining different plastics in a single component can offer considerable cost saving potential; particularly in the manufacture of functional membranes via thin-walled injection moulding techniques, adjoined to tougher support structures.


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