For decades SFS intec has been producing precision components and assemblies in injection moulding. By turning countless demanding product ideas into working products, SFS intec has established itself as one of the technology leaders in this field.

Turning ideas into reality
The fastest and most economical solutions arise when the area specialists involved can pool their knowledge from an early project development phase. To achieve the smoothest possible focused project implementation, SFS intec engineers get involved with the development and production processes from the start. Working in close collaboration with our customers is what generates optimum product solutions.

Short development times
We support our customers with modern engineering development tools such as 3D CAD / CAE to help them turn ideas into products. These technologies can greatly reduce the development time and subsequent ramp-up phase.

Starting with prototypes
The sooner the prototypes are available, the quicker any potential issues can be identified and addressed. Using test tools or a range of rapid prototyping systems such as stereolithography and laser sintering, we can provide both visual and even functional prototypes. Short direct channels of communication help smooth these developments.

Intensive testing
At SFS intec new products undergo a range of physical tests to verify their specific properties. Results flow into the development work, helping to support later functional capability.


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