Deep drawing technology

Flat pieces of metal strip serve as the starting material for deep drawing, which are then transformed into hollow bodies with diverse functions. The product spectrum covers both rotationally symmetrical and non-symmetrical components.

Universal presses offer a high degree of flexibility in tool design

The first step with the typical tool element showing the time frame of deformation.

Further deformation steps follow successively with additional drawing, smoothing and clipping operations.

Transfer tool
The transfer tool separates individual press blanks. A grab with coupled transfer system transports the separated press blanks to the appropriate process stage.

  • Large-scale components
  • A part with a small diameter-to-length ratio
  • A four-row tool
Progression tooling
The progression tooling transfers the part between the individual process steps, until the workpiece has attained the required shape. In the final step the completed part is stamped out of the framework.

  • small, thin-walled, low-profile parts
  • 1 to 3-row tooling sets

An impressive machine park

One big feature is our range of machines. They offer an extraordinary diversity of options for realising economical production concepts. We have three groups of machines: 50 - 60 t, 125 t and 200 t.

Universal presses enable us to build in additional concepts within the constraint of the bench length.

Combined machines allow us to add the following functions:

  • leak testing
  • 100% controls
  • automated stacking systems
An impressive machinery portfolio


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