Ready-to-fit solutions from a one-stop shop

SFS intec has been creating precision cold formed components and special fasteners for decades. Turning countless design challenges into working components has established SFS intec as the technology leader in this field.

The advice and support to get you to your goal more quickly

Collaborating from the project outset with established production specialists and offering a wealth of know-how across a wide manufacturing spectrum will offer the maximum benefit and achieve the lowest component cost.

Fast, efficient development of new products, economical manufacture and total process capability are the key elements. To meet these requirements, we apply years of know-how in chosen core technologies.

Manufacturing and market research projects testify to the fact that development, design and engineering work influence the total product cost by as much as three-quarters. Recognising this fact demonstrates that the real cost savings are not achieved in final price negotiations: the savings come from addressing the main cost influences during the product design phase.

In-house design engineering and toolmaking: the key to developing precision components

Know how in the design and manufacture of press tools is decisive in achieving the desired component design. Ever-increasing requirements in product design complexity and technical maturity are daily challenges. Close co-operation between our customers and design engineers; working in unison with production personnel and toolmakers is what leads to continuous improvements in component accuracy and tool lives. The introduction of new technologies such as high-speed cutting (HSC) enables enormous process rationalisation to be achieved. Meanwhile, the use of state-of-the-art software solutions such as CAD, FEM and CAM provides a complete process chain and facilitates data transfer across all SFS intec manufacturing sites.

A network of know-how

SFS intec is known throughout the world for the ability to produce application-specific, ready-to-fit cold formed components. Working in conjunction with our partners in diverse branches of industry we marry our in-depth know-how in design engineering and toolmaking to chosen process technologies to produce solutions offering the maximum customer benefit. We strive to understand the real needs and aspirations of our customers and aim to get involved in new development projects from the outset.

Simple geometries

  • Massive material savings in contrast to machining, thanks to maximum material efficiency.
  • Perfect for mass production
  • Absolute repeatability of dimensions and shape

Gear shapes

  • Precise gear forms
  • Perfect roundness tolerances
  • High mechanical strength due to work hardening
Miniature components

  • Precision and functionality as normal; but smaller
  • A highly refined production technology ensures consistent quality
Extraordinary shapes

  • The technological capability to deliver the shapes you need
  • Reduction in component numbers thanks to functional integration


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