TAPTITE 2000: The ideal thread forming screw for metals

The thread forming screw is inserted directly into the hole, which has been produced by drilling, casting or punching. The screw creates its own female thread, without producing any swarf.

The chipless thread forming process was introduced in 1961 with TAPTITE fasteners as a worldwide standard. Later developments like the TAPTITE II and the DUO-TAPTITE fasteners addressed ever increasing technical requirements.


The different properties of the TAPTITE II and the DUO-TAPTITE fasteners are combined in the TAPTITE 2000 and further enhanced with the special Radius Profile™ thread. This means even lower insertion torque and higher pre-tensioning strength, while the conical tip over the first 2 to 2.5 thread turns (SP™ version) decisively improves insertion.

Radius Profile™

The Radius Profile™ thread means less deformation of the female material for the same frictional values and surface pressure. The insertion torque is thus much lower, and the pre-tensioning strength is maximized with very little scatter.


This widely marketed thread forming screw for metals has a chamfered edge over the first three threads and a pronounced Trilobular form. Thanks to its excellent geometry, it more than meets the requirements of a thread forming screw.


The special thread forming screw for applications over M5 has a less pronounced Trilobular form in the load-bearing threaded area, and offers a much greater resistance to stripping out, and thus a much stronger joint. The tip profile with two stabilizing threads helps to ensure perpendicular insertion.


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