REMFORM II "F" (Fine thread)

The ideal answer to fastening in materials with low ductility.

Primarily applied in die-cast and highly reinforced thermoplastics, Remform II "F" helps to eliminate costly process steps, such as thread cutting or taping.

Material savings due to short, thin walled insertion tubes

The special thread of the REMFORM II “F” produces very good fastening values, even with short, thin walled bosses. At the same time, these design options also reduce cavity formation.

High clamping force – minimal risk of cracking

The REMFORM II "F" thread is the application oriented adaption of the REMFORM II . With its increased core diameter, the reduced thread pitch and an over two turns extended thread forming area, this screw is ideally suited for substrates with low ductility.

The low load flank angle of just 10° offers a high pretensioning strength, while the radial stress and, thus, the risk of cracking is minimized.
The steeper guiding flank eases two find the previously formed thread for repeated assembly. A high tensile strength and an optimized stress cross section provide a high torsional strength.


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