REMFORM II fasteners enable cost economies of up to 40 % to be achieved in comparison to fastenings with threaded inserts.

Neither nuts nor inserts are required for direct fixing with REMFORM II fasteners, because REMFORM II form their own threads. The screw is simply driven into the cored hole of the moulded plastic part.

Saves space and material

The REMFORM II offers excellent results, even in thin wall, shallow insertion depth situations.

That means plastic components can be designed with considerably shorter shot times, making for component cost savings.

Freedom from inserts and ready release of the REMFORM II fasteners make for the ideal solution with an eye to later recycling.

A thread profile offering optimum assembly security

The narrow, asymmetrical thread profile, supported by the rounded thread crest and the rounded flanks, enable optimum and smooth material displacement during thread forming.

This clever design means that the plastic flows primarily towards the load flank; while radial tension is minimised by the rounded tips.

Consequently less plastic material has to be displaced (V1>V2) to achieve the same profile depth t.

This results in:

  • Reduced insertion torque for the same or greater failing torque
  • Increased assembly security

Remform II

The relatively large thread pitch, providing sufficient space for secure anchorage in the plastic material, coupled with the other thread profile advantages discussed above, makes REMFORM II fasteners ideal for all conventional and reinforced plastics.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Asymmetrical thread profile
  • Special, rounded flank profile
  • Rounded thread crest
  • Generates a zero-play thread seating

Remform II "HS"

In comparison to the standard REMFORM II the "HS" version has a larger thread core, a high tensile strength of more than 1'000 N/mm² (class 10.9) and a reduced thread pitch, making it ideal for use with hard glass or glass fibre reinforced plastics.

Even with low insertion depths REMFORM II "HS" offers advantages, because of the shallow pitch.

Differences from REMFORM II :

  • Increased thread core diameter
  • Higher tensile strength of over 1'000 N/mm²
  • Reduced pitch
  • "HS"-variant available from ∅ ≥ 2 mm


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