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Complete range of pivot hinges for flush fit doors

The use of flush fit doors in modern interior design has been quite a challenge for hinge manufacturers. SFS intec has tackled this challenge by providing an entire range of products that meet the requirements of both door manufacturers and architects.

The former are happy to use our products due to their ease of use and adjustment; the latter appreciate how our range emphasises their design potential, allowing them to realise their idea of interior design and furnishing solutions.


CAB-R 3D is an innovative hinge which can be adjusted in the 3 dimensions using a single hex key (height: 0/+3 mm, side: +/-1.5 mm and depth: +/-2 mm). It makes both the door panel and the frame reversible, meeting all manufacturing requirements with a single hinge.

Available in two versions, short and long, and can be applied upon milling door panels with a thickness ranging between 35 and 45 mm. CAB-R 3D has passed the 200,000 cycle test with an 80 Kg door with ease.


CAB-R has an elegant round and corrugated design, easy adjustment ( laterally up, to +/- 3.0mm, whereas the frame part allows adjusting, the depth by +/- 1.5mm) and 180° opening makes this innovative hinge a must in this sector.

The cover caps, available in various colours, match the finishing of the doors

CAB-R is technically reliable and has been tested to 200,000 cycles with a 70 kg door.

CIR invisible to the eye, but its technical presence does not go unnoticed. It's the essence of minimalist design. Adjustable laterally up to +/- 3.0mm, whereas the frame part allows adjusting the depth by +/- 1.5mm.

Besides the hinge, we provide embellishing cover caps, available in various colours.

CIR has been tested in 200,000 cycles with a 70 kg door.


CAB square hinge with a square design it's easy to install and particularly suitable for industrial clients thanks to its symmetry; this version has a self-lubricating bush, which makes the fixtures slide easily, keeping them squeak-free and maintenance-free.

A 1 mm nylon spacer, which can be applied to the frame, is available for possible adjustments whilst installing the door. Available in different finishing.


This hinge with a rounded design, meets the requirements of modern interior design. Easy to install and particularly suitable for industrial clients.

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