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Easy 3D extensive range of hinges for entrance doors

The Easy 3D range is able to cover most applications in various markets and namely five different profiles each with its own hinge.

New energy-saving trends and increasingly heavier doors, call for top performing certified hinges. Our Easy 3D hinge was awarded CE certification by the IFT Institute in Rosenheim, who also certified it to be suitable for use on fire doors. Plus, it can support loads up to 160 Kg, which makes it the optimal solution for all kinds of needs.

Its extremely high resistance to corrosion, the security screw fitted to each hinge and the wide range of finishes available give the door a unique top quality appearance.

The Easy 3D inox hinge has been designed to meet the needs of those who want a modern and contemporary look such as satin polished stainless steel. Easy to assemble and adjust, the typical features of this hinge are combined with the modern touch of satin polished stainless steel.

The use of special 3-step bolts, a patent developed by SFS intec, ensures extraction resistance levels of over 1500 Kg, which guarantees steady fixing of the hinge on any type of profile.


Easy 3D

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