Sealing and insulating fastener connections

Generally speaking, any fastener security measure will carry with it a sealing effect.

For purely sealing requirements, however, a range of products and processes are specifically available – like sealing the thread or applying under-head coatings.

Special coatings can also offer insulating properties.

An overview of the various sealing and insulating options is provided below.


Processes, functional security and costs are all under close control when spedseal is used as an integral part of the fastener. These multi-functional coatings can be applied to the shank or the underside of the fastener head – depending on the specific application requirements.

  • spedseal is an integral component of the fastener
  • Minimal pretensioning force scatter
  • Lasting seal even under extreme loads
  • Polyamide coating also provides electrical isolation
  • Inhibits chemical processes like corrosion and cold welding
  • Polyamide coating removes play and eliminates noise


Fasteners coated with spedcaps are ideal for sealing connections; above all under dynamic load (axial to the fastener connection), these coated fasteners fulfil the most demanding requirements.

  • Micro-encapsulated two-component liquid adhesive is pre-applied: ready-to-use
  • Sealing to 400 bar
  • High temperature stability
  • Extremely high security against loosening
  • Fulfils DIN 267 Part 27
  • spedcaps can be used in combination with TAPTITE 2000 and REMFORM II fasteners

spedlack / spedstop

Fasteners coated in spedlack or spedstop offer a simple, secure solution to the sealing needs of numerous connections.

Among the numerous advantages are:

  • Chemically non reactive all around coating
  • Immediately functional after assembly
  • Multiple use
  • High chemical resistance
  • Available in various forms and colours
  • Also ideal for use with miniature screws


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