Mechanical locking of fastener connections

Fastener connections can spontaneously loosen under mechanical or dynamic load, leading to a diminution in their functionality.

Fastener security refers to measures taken to inhibit the unintentional loosening or removal of fasteners by external influences.

An overview of different mechanical security measures is given below.


POWERLOK enables spontaneous loosening to be efficiently resisted. The special thread form offers the following advantages:

  • Trilobular thread form
  • 30° thread peaks
  • Used in existing female threads
  • No interference from safety component: fully automated assembly
  • Works independently of temperature

In addition to the standard 60° thread, further small flanges are rolled into the thread form, extending beyond the nominal thread diameter


The trilobular cross section of the thread forming TAPTITE 2000 screw does not only lower the insertion torque, but it also helps achieving a high security against loosening in combination with no play and close flank mating.

Particular advantages offered are:

  • Burr-free, exactly-formed thread
  • Close mating of the thread flanks
  • The displaced material in the substrate flows back into the flattened areas of the trilobular cross section
  • Secure against unintentional loosening
  • Cold working of the female means improved mechanical properties

TAPTITE 2000 + spedcaps

The combination of a TAPTITE 2000 screw and the micro-encapsulated adhesive spedcaps further enhances the resistance to spontaneous release, whilst all advantages of the thread forming remain.

Locking serration

Thanks to years of experience in development and extensive production know how, we are in a position to offer mechanical fixing solutions exactly matched to customer requirements.

Under-head profiles

A special under head face geometry enables the loosening torque to be significantly raised, depending on the contacting material.


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