Application-specific drive systems

Alongside well known-fastener drives such as cross-head and hexagon bolt heads, massive benefits accrue from the use of application-specific drive systems.

Based on individual requirements, many different drive systems suitable for both automatic and manual assembly scenarios are available. Our fastener experts will be only too pleased to advise you on the best choice of drive solution.

An overview of typical drive systems is given below


The distinctive advantages of the TORX PLUS drive system are

  • Maximum torque transfer
  • Improvements in torsional strength
  • 100% longer driver blade lives
  • Insertion with reduced force

TORX PLUS tamper-proof also offers the benefit of inhibiting unauthorised adjustments, because the screws can only be turned with a special tool.


The irius drive was specially developed by SFS intec for use in the construction sector. It offers the following incisive advantages:

  • The fastener is held securely by the threading up to the underside of the head
  • Ergonomic insertion with one hand
  • The fastener and insertion tool are perfectly matched
  • An attractive, low-profile head
  • The drive is below the head level

The low-profile fastener heads are available in any RAL colour.

SR drive

The distinctive advantages of the SR drive system are:

  • Secure retention of the fastener in the driver
  • High torque transfer
  • Long driver lives
  • Available with combi-drives featuring a cross head
  • Skating, wobble and vibration are all eliminated when inserting with these drives

Safety drives

To secure fasteners against unauthorised loosening, a range of different drives are available. Find out more about some of the systems which have been developed.

  • Insertion security with the TORX drive
  • Constant insertion torque thanks to a defined break position
  • Security against theft: e.g. for a solar panel
  • Low-profile, aesthetic fastener heads
  • The drive is hidden below the level of the head

Ingenious four-sided drive

Because of the danger of over-torquing and spontaneous loosening, most conventional power tool screws are unsuitable for use in thin metal plate. SFS intec has developed a special fastener with a four-sided drive for such applications. They are retained securely in special front nozzles. On reaching a defined insertion torque, the drive spigot shears off during the insertion procedure. The installer then knows that the fastener has been correctly inserted.

So many definitive advantages:

  • No incorrectly inserted fasteners
  • 100% functionality from first to last
  • A complete system with a carefully matched insertion tool DS-K37
  • Low-profile, aesthetic head
  • The drive is hidden below the head profile

Tamper resistant TORX PLUS

The tamper resistant TORX PLUS offers the benefit of inhibiting unauthorised adjustments, because the screws can only be turned with a special tool.

Special solutions

We would be delighted to produce a custom solution for you. Our engineers call on long years of experience in diverse application areas and very extensive development and production capabilities.

To secure fastener connections against manipulation and theft, SFS intec offers specifically designed drives:

  • Oval head (for security purposes)
  • Designer drives (for esthetical refinment of products)

Camera cross head drives for miniature designs

Perfect to the finest, tiny detail, fastener drive and bit combinations can enable high torque transfer in screws of less than 1.2 mm in diameter, or with extremely low-profile head geometries of < 0.8 mm.


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