Chemical locking of fastener connections

Fastener connections can spontaneously loosen under mechanical, thermic or dynamic load, leading to a diminution in their functionality.

Fastener security refers to measures taken to inhibit the unintentional loosening or removal of fasteners by external influences. As well as mechanical security features there are a number of chemical solutions available, optionally involving the use of micro-encapsulated adhesives.

An overview of different chemical security measures is given below.


When it comes to securing and sealing fastener connections, spedcaps offer a number of decisive advantages. Above all, under dynamic loads – transverse to the insertion direction – these pre-coated threads meet the most exacting requirements.

  • Micro-encapsulated two-component adhesive is pre-applied: ready-to-use
  • Extremely high security against loosening
  • Pressure seal to 400 bar
  • Wide-ranging temperature stability
  • Fulfils DIN 267 Part 27
  • Ideal for use with TAPTITE 2000 or REMFORM II fasteners


Fasteners coated with spedlack offer a simple, secure, time-saving solution which improves overall product quality enormously.

Particular advantages are:

  • Ideal for setting screws
  • Secure pre-assembly
  • Multiple repeated use
  • Micro-encapsulated two-component adhesive is pre-applied: ready-to-use
  • Spontaneous loosening is all but eliminated, even in only lightly tightened screws
  • Available in many different versions and colours
  • Also ideal for miniature fastener security

Spedlack coating is also ideal for use with miniature fasteners.


The highly elastic spedstop coating can be used in a wide range of applications. It provides a high degree of security even without screw tightening, making it an ideal coating for setting and adjustment screws.

Patch application is particularly suitable for situations where an electrically conducting connection is required. 360º all-round coating enables the sealing effect of the material to come into play.

  • Fasteners can be undone and retightened in any position
  • Eliminates additional components like washers, clamping nuts and cotter pins.
  • Coating to customer requirements = green spot or green or blue all-round coating
  • Sealing against fluid ingress with 360° all-round green or blue coating
  • Applicable for electrical contacts if spot adhesive is applied


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