Filters: delicate grille structures

SFS intec has years of experience in the manufacture of direct injection moulded filters. Our specialists can support you in the geometric design of grille structures, the choice of materials, as well as integrating additional functions in the component concerned.


High-tech tooling enables us to produce components with dimensions of less than 0.1mm. The resulting filter gaps can thus be as small as 70 microns or just 0.07 mm wide. Complete filters consist, of course, of thousands of such tiny gaps.
For those applications which cannot be directly injection moulded due to the particular geometrical shape or specific material properties, filter bodies can be produced from over-moulded metal or textile substrates in the injection moulding tool.


Using injection moulding techniques enables delicate structures to be created in a one-step process. The laborious and potentially fault-prone insertion of metal or textile substrates is eliminated, offering clear value analysis advantages.

Customer support

From development, simulation and prototyping right up to series manufacture, including the provision of the necessary injection moulding tools as well as assembly and test jigs, we offer a high-tech, one-stop shop for discerning customers.


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