Swiss Arbeitgeber (Employer) Award

The Arbeitgeber (Employer) Award allows Swiss companies to find out important information about the involvement of its employees and the current status of the organisational conditions.

Employee satisfaction is very important to us. That's why we have been taking part in the Swiss Arbeitgeber (Employer) Award since 2003 and are always among the frontrunners.

2nd Place

At the 16th Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (2016), SFS achieved the very gratifying 2nd place with the participating SFS Unimarket and Services sectors. At the last participation in 2014, SFS placed in fourth place.

With a total of 45,680 persons interviewed from 151 companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the largest employee survey in Switzerland reached a new record. The employees assessed work content, structures and processes, cooperation, dealing with change, leadership, employee support and compensation systems. The best employers were finally identified from the answers of all participating companies.

SFS is pleased with the good result. The interaction with the employees, the pursuit of continuous improvement and the promotion of an attractive work environment are important to us.

Swiss Employer Award 2016

At the Swiss Employers Award 2016 SFS (SFS Unimarket and Services) reached the 2nd place.


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