Fixing and fastening for commercial vehicles

SFS intec develops and manufacturers individual mechanical fastening solutions carefully matched to the needs of the commercial vehicle industry.

Functional security and ease of installation are at the heart of our fastener solutions.
Customers of SFS intec benefit from:

Application expertise: thanks to a wealth of application know how, we offer you the optimum fastener or rivet solution for your needs.

Development expertise: thanks to the depth of experience in our development teams, we are in the position to convert ideas into solutions quickly

Production expertise: thanks to entirely in-house manufacture with a complete quality assurance system, continuous functional quality is guaranteed.

The right fastener for every application

Floor assembly

SFS offers a wide range of products for fixing timber flooring to steel or aluminium support structures in semitrailers, coil transporters, trailers and containers.

An extract from our product range

Power tool fasteners SCT and SC

Case hardened carbon steel
Surface Chrome VI free, electroless zinc, white passivated
Head forms: countersunk TORX drive
Insertion penetration 2 to 7 mm of steel

Insertion tools

CF250 PL: semi-automatic insertion tool with pneumatic feed
CF 250: for upright ergonomic working
CF40-15: the practical hand tool

Truck bodies

SFS intec offers a complete range of products for interior finishing of vehicle body-work.

An extract from our product range

  • Fixing timber interior walling
    SCI power tool screws
  • Fixing finishing strips
    EIS / SCI / PolyGrip power tool screws
  • Fixing corners and front walls
    G-Bulb power tool screws
  • Fixing rear frames
    Monel rivets
  • Structural chassis attachments:Front walls to support frames
    SRB screw rivets
  • Fixing side runners

Setting tools

An overview of our application-optimised insertion equipment


Semi-automatic floor fixing offering fatigue-free operation

  • Comfortable upright working
  • Drilling force delivered by pneumatic drive
  • Controlled insertion stroke with repeatable quality


Floor fixing without the pneumatic drive

  • Comfortable upright working
  • Controlled insertion stroke with repeatable quality


Floor fixing equipment for occasional use

  • Ideal for those floor repair jobs


Compressed air tool for use with SRB screw rivets

  • Lightweight, manageable tool
  • Quiet insertion with no shear report
  • Easy on the joints

Powerbird rivet insertion tool

Portable cordless riveting tool

  • Suitable for standard blind rivets and Bulb-tite
  • Lightweight, manageable tool

Taurus riveting tool

Pneumatic-hydraulic riveting tool

  • Suitable for standard blind rivets and Bulb-tite

An international network with local know how

Either take the opportunity to contact our expert team directly, or search for your ideal fastener solution under local contact.


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