Small appliances

Aesthetically finished, high-end miniature screws for the things we use every day.

In our daily lives we now carry with us numerous miniature electronic gadgets, making life easier and more interesting. As they become increasingly compact and attractive, the demands made of the fasteners used continue to grow.

The product range available from SFS intec covers miniature and micro fasteners such as the REMFORM II screw range with diameters from 0.5 mm. Where required, chemical coatings can be applied, providing important additional features. Using spedseal coatings for instance provides increased thread sealing.

Our products are used in all sorts of everyday items:

  • Shavers
  • Sport computers and stop watches
  • Luxury goods (handbags)
  • Hearing aids
  • Accessories

Our fasteners are also easy on the eye: colourful, high-end coatings in PVD, Gold and other precious metals serve to increase corrosion resistance and enhance the attractiveness of the device.


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