Innovative hinge solutions for windows and doors

Perfect function, appealing aesthetics and ease-of-use.

Engineers and designers at SFS intec develop solutions to meet the high expectations of final customers and architects. The needs of the installer, meanwhile, are met via simple adjustment capabilities and maximum ergonomic installation. The various models are fully checked to specific criteria using practice-based test procedures; ensuring they function properly long-term.

An overview of fastener solutions for different applications is given below.

Hinges for uPVC

Our range of hinges for uPVC applications is carefully matched to the needs of the end-user, and covers both standard models and hinges for special applications.

The multiplicity of surface finishes available enables these hinges to be matched to any door or window. Simple, secure installation requires only the gauge provided and a standard drill.

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Hinges for wood

Design, load support strength and diversity are the hallmarks of our high quality door and window hinges, which rise fully to the aesthetic requirements of modern design and the engineering design needs of our customers.

We carry a complete range of hinges for both internal and external doors fulfilling every application requirement such as load bearing and adjustment features.

We are also one of the leading suppliers of pivot hinges for flush doors and can offer high quality products appreciated and valued by leading door producers.

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Hinges for steel and Aluminium

Inspired by the latest trends and mindful of the needs of the end user, in recent years, SFS intec has introduced a complete programme of hinges for steel and aluminium house doors onto the market.

The aim of this development was to offer customers a product addressing the need for extreme load bearing capacity for heavyweight external doors, whilst offering easy installation and adjustment.

The high corrosion resistance of these hinges, fitted as standard with security shafts, and in a wide range of colours and materials, provide every door with a quality design and aesthetic appeal.

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Assembly accessories and fitting equipment

SFS intec offers hinge covers, slip-over heads, milling guides, drilling patterns, gauges and all sorts of other useful installation aids to help make the most of SFS intec hinges.

Fault-free functioning of any hinge assumes professional installation, using the right accessories. Using our fitting aids and installation notes enables precise, rapid installation work.

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