Mechanical fastening systems for window frame installation

Simple, intelligent installation procedures, reliable functioning of the end product and safety-critical considerations form the framework of imperatives directing so many independent developments from SFS intec.

The right fastening solution for every application

Experienced specialists working intensively to meet the needs of window installers are always interested in your specific needs with regard to fastener solutions.

An overview of fastener solutions for diverse applications is shown below.

Adjustable Window Installation onto timber substructrue

SPTR-V frame fixing fastener

  • Fixing and adjustment as a fix through solution
  • SPTR-V replacing SPTR-A and SPTR-B Only one product suitable for the intallation onto timber for all frame materials
  • New aesthetic head form, lacquered or for use with colour caps
  • TORX T30 for improved installation
  • Improved rigidity oft he window frame due to improved knurl design
  • New thread form for low drive torque and fast installation
  • Patented thread lead in to avoid splitting of timber support

Window installation beyond the wall structure

The JB-8 installation system enables fully planned window installation to RAL guidelines, with all working loads conveyed into the structure.

Faster, safer installation with the JB-W bracket assembly system.

Window installation on the loadbearing wall

Window frames fitted without plugs with FB frame fixings.

  • Easy installation of window frames in various walling materials.
  • No plugs required.

eBusiness: Made-to-measure to fit individual requirements

Alongside its innovative and reliable products, SFS intec offers a whole package of support services. Made-to-measure eBusiness to make your work that bit easier when it comes to safely planning important projects.

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