Connections and Reinforcements for Timber Construction

A comprehensive range for a wide spectrum of applications.

Elaborated connections are in demand for creative and economic bearing structures in timber work. Thanks to efficient fastening systems from SFS intec architects, designers and timber engineers can turn exciting concepts into cost-effective realities – without compromising on security or aesthetics.

Detailed planning documentation for diverse applications enables simple and secure designing for any project in timber construction.

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Double Threaded Fastener WT System

WT system for cost-effective, durable connections in timber construction

Whether it’s connecting filigree battens or reinforcing high-stress beams, WT system is the right solution for a wide application range.
In contrast to conventional fasteners like nails, common wood screws and steel plate mouldings the use of WT system saves time on designing and processing and increases aesthetics, security and the load-bearing capacity.
WT system can be used in prefabrication of elements, hall construction and carpentry for the secure and economic connection of timber construction parts.

Full Threaded Fastener WR System

With the efficient WR fastening system for high-performance connections and reinforcements

The WR system is most suitable for timber to timber connections, steel to timber connections and reinforcements. Applications which were previously extremely difficult can be solved with WR system. It enables the replacing of a very wide assortment of alternative fasteners by only one fastening system. Pre-drilling is not required, so the setting requires only one work step.

Threaded Rod Bar WB System

WB fastening system for economical and secure reinforcements for glulam timber structures

The WB system is best used for reinforcement perpendicular to grain in curved and cambered glulam beams and at penetrations, notches and cross connections.

The anchorage is entirely mechanical without glue, so any timber construction company or carpentry can perform reinforcements perpendicular to grain.

Self Drilling Dowel WS System

Produce multiple-shear steel-timber joints more easily and economically using the WS system

The self drilling WS system, used for multiple shear plane timber to steel connections, is because of the low equipment costs also very interesting for small and medium-sized companies.

The dowels are inserted in the timber and through the steel plates in a single, time-saving operation without pilot drilling. Up to 3 steel plates, each up to 5 mm thick, can be penetrated.

Partial Threaded Fastener WF System

WF fastening system for a fast and secure connection of wood components and wood-based panels

The self drilling partial threaded fasteners are suitable for various applications, such as connections from timber, timber panels or steel to glulam or solid wood from softwood.

Timber-Concrete Composite Fastener VB System

Ingenious renovation or installation of timber ceilings with the VB timber-concrete composite system

The VB system is a self drilling composite system for the manufacturing of timber-concrete composite ceilings. The timber-concrete composite system offers planners, carpenters and homeowners a simple and economic solution to build or restore ceilings.

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Double Threaded Fastener Twin UD System

Perfect fixing of insulation on walls and roofs without thermal bridges

The Twin UD system connects counter battens through external insulation on roofs and façades directly to the timber structure penetrating the insulation only punctually. The roof system offers a clear advantage over conventional crosswise set battens which is far more complicated to install and negatively influences the thermal insulation properties.

The Twin UD roof system provides optimum thermal protection with minimum insulation thicknesses and quick and simple installation.

Steel Winged Self Drilling Fastener SCS System

Fixing timber claddings to steel frames

The system provides quick and simple fastening of timber claddings to steel or aluminium substructure in one operation.

Stainless steel winged self drilling fasteners offer enormous advantages in fixing timber claddings and deckings to metal substructures in outdoor areas such as time saving and durability.

eBusiness: Made-to-measure to fit individual requirements

Alongside its innovative and reliable products, SFS intec offers a whole package of support services. Made-to-measure eBusiness to make your work that bit easier when it comes to safely planning important projects.

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