Secure, flexible and fast fitting of photovoltaic systems

The right fixing system for roofs and walls.

Different types of assembly systems need to be secured to flat roofing, industrial roofs and façades in both new build and restoration projects. Fixing components have to be easy to use and free from cold bridges.The solar energy sector also calls for above-average working lives in term of the fasteners’ ongoing security and leak-tightness.

The systems developed and marketed by SFS intec address all these requirements. Users have a totally professional solution to fitting photovoltaic systems.

An overview of the fastener systems available is shown below.

SOL-R for metal profile and composite roofing

SOL-R is the fixing system that offers:.

  • 100% leak-tight, static-approved fixing
  • Suitability for virtually any roof
  • Record-breaking installation times

Made by professionals for professionals
SOL-R, the first of its type in the world, was specifically developed for fitting solar energy systems to industrial roofs.

The result: a fully-flexible, secure and rapid fixing system for professional use.


  • 100 % leak tight
  • Static approval obtained
  • simple assembly


  • Fits any roof profile
  • Numerous fastening variants
  • Height adjustable


  • No pre-drilling
  • Standard power tool use
  • Lightweight

The main elements of the SOL-R

Docking plate
Different support profiles can be fixed to the docking plate.

Support arm
Can be height adjusted and overcome uneven surfaces.

Base plate
Offering a large contact face and a self-adhesive seal as a positioning aid.

SOL-R video clip

This video clip demonstrates just how easy installation with SOL-R really is.

Solar fixing documentation

eBusiness: Made-to-measure to fit individual requirements

Alongside its innovative and reliable products, SFS intec offers a whole package of support services. Made-to-measure eBusiness to make your work that bit easier when it comes to safely planning important projects.

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