Accredited wind load testing

To ensure safe flat roof fixing, SFS intec offers high-spec. systems for its mechanical attachment. The programme is enhanced by a panoply of support services, one of which is a fully accredited wind load test facility to ETAG 006 and the European standard EN 16002.

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Information to the service of wind load tests

SFS intec the development partner

For more than 30 years SFS intec has been undertaking research and development on flat roofing systems using its in-house wind uplift test facility. This has now been replaced by a brand new facility, which offers special features and includes the latest advanced technology.

Wind uplift testing according to ETAG 006

The wind uplift test facility forms part of the fully accredited SFS intec test laboratory. It enables testing to be undertaken in full accordance with the requirements of European Technical Approval Guideline ETAG 006 and European Standard EN 16002. Since October 2015 test procedures have been fully accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS (STS 0545). This ensures the quality and security of each and every fastening system tested.

Features of the wind load test facility

This accreditation ensures that all procedures are completely reliable in terms of quality and security, conforming in full to all relevant standards, directives and pertinent laws and regulations. All results are therefore impartial, third party accredited and internationally recognised.

By measuring the forces directly at the fixing point, really precise results are obtained.

The test facility is ideally sized to ensure that any correction factors are minimised and thereby optimum design values are attained.

The test facility was designed and built using state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies. These allow for precise, stepless, flexible control settings.

All test results are documented and archived. Test samples can be stored for future reference or supplied to the customer as required.

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