Mechanical fastening systems for flat roofs

Since years, SFS intec has been setting standards in the mechanical fastening of membranes and insulation on flat roofs.

All fastening systems are developed by SFS intec and produced in own plants. The range covers a choice of solutions for every application.

High quality products matched to a variety of substrates meet exacting requirements. Installation tools developed in-house ensure correct fixing and increase productivity. The complete system is rounded off with a comprehensive support package.

System isofast

isofast is a fully metallic system consisting of special fasteners and stress plates for fastening membranes and insulation to a range of substrates.

Convincing advantages of the system isofast

  • A treadfast combination of fasteners and stress plates
  • Efficient, secure and ergonomic installation with the IF240 setting tool
  • Excellent, environmentally-friendly corrosion resistance with Chrome VI-free Durocoat coating
  • Also available in austenitic stainless steel

isofast setting tools

The automated setting tool IF240 enables rapid and reliable installation of isofast fasteners and stress plates. The controlled setting process in an upright working position ensures fatigue-free and correct fixing of each and every fastener. The speed and security of fixing is considerably higher than with conventional methods.

The stand-up setting tool IF80 can be used as well. It also allows an upright working position and the correct installation of every fastener.

System isotak

The isotak system consists of special designed fasteners and plastic sleeves. It offers economy and security for fixing to diverse substrates.

Convincing advantages of the system isotak

  • Simple and economic solution for increased insulation thickness
  • Reduced energy loss due to the plastic sleeve
  • Treadfast fixing solution
  • Ergonomic, intelligent fixing with the automated IT260

isotak setting tools

The automated IT260 enables upright working during fastener and sleeve installation. The pre-assembled fasteners are fed automatically and thereby providing a controlled installation process resulting in fast quality installation with complete repeatability.

The stand-up setting tool IT19 can be used as well. It also allows an upright working position and the correct installation of every fastener.

System isoweld

isoweld is a system solution for field fastening on flat roofs. It works with induction technology and is non-penetrating. Secure attachment is achieved through the welding of the membrane to a dedicated stress plate, independent of the membrane overlaps.

Extensive field tests as well as extensive research of the working processes on site have shown that the installer can save up to 20% of the total installed system cost when using the isoweld field fastening system.

Convincing advantages of the system isoweld

  • Economic fixing on flat roofs
  • Perfect weld quality every time thanks to the security functions
  • High process security independent of user or conditions
  • Easy and user-friendly handling
  • Hand inductor for vertical applications and detail work

isoweld3000 induction tool

The key component of the isoweld system is the isoweld3000 induction tool. It welds the membrane to the dedicated stress plate. Perfect welding is guaranteed by numerous security functions like search and control function, temperature compensation, power balancing etc. The isoweld3000 induction tool is very user-friendly and enables upright working.

Animation isoweld3000

Learn more about the field fastening system isoweld in the animation video.

Flat roof specific services

SFS intec offers various services for customers building or renovating flat roofs. From the concept, through the preparation phase up to the installation work itself, SFS intec supports customers from start to finish.

Below an extract from the Flat Roof service package available:

eBusiness: Made-to-measure to fit individual requirements

Alongside its innovative and reliable products, SFS intec offers a whole package of support services. Made-to-measure eBusiness to make your work that bit easier when it comes to safely planning important projects.

Learn more about SFS intec eBusiness.


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