Fastening systems for ETICS - External Insulation Systems

Sfs intec has a long experience of ETICS and we have been developing fasteners for ETICS systems for more than 30 years.

Our competence is within the whole value chain, from innovative fastening solutions, setting tools, development processes to manufacturing. With our modular tooling concept we have also the possibility to quickly react to specific customer needs in our production and inhouse production tool manufacturing

We can offer a range of innovative solutions that can be provided also as customer specific products.

» Individual fastening solutions for External Insulation Systems (PDF) - PDF, 5.65 MB

Systems and solutions

We offer solutions for many types of insulations such as systems with mineral wool, EPS, PIR, PUR etc.

SFS intec ETICS fastening solutions are available for many substrates such as steel, wood, concrete, bricks, light weight concrete, aereated concrete and many other substrates.

We have fastening solutions for
  • Mechanically fastened and bonded systems
  • mechanically fastened thick render systems with system weights over 40 kg/m2


In development projects we can offer prototypes, drawings, testing etc in order to make the product development and investment decisions as easy and lean as possible.

Examples of our development capabilities:
  • Long experience from prototyping
  • Prototype tools
  • Lazer sintered prototypes
  • 3D drawings
  • Experience from a range of different raw materials
  • Modular production tool concept
Examples of design features in our system solutions:
  • Low thermal transmittance
  • High pull out loads
  • Self countersinking fixings
  • Length adjustable
  • Solutions for minimizing the risk of cracks in the render layer
  • Solutions also for system weights over 50 kg/m2
  • Special developed setting tools for fast and exact setting of the system
  • For use with steel, composite or fiber glass mesh
  • Solutions for resisting high shear loads in heavy systems
  • Ventilated ETIC systems
  • Sealing solutions for waterproofing the penetration of substrate


System ISO-LET

System ISO-LET render ETICS standard system are available for wood/steel, lightweight concrete, aerated concrete, and concrete.
ISO-LET for thin 5-8 mm with fiber glass mesh systems.

ISO-LET for mid thick render ETICS systems 7-10 mm 18-20 kg/m2. Systems with either steel fiber glass or composite net.

System product

eBusiness: Made-to-measure to fit individual requirements

Alongside its innovative and reliable products, SFS intec offers a whole package of support services. Made-to-measure eBusiness to make your work that bit easier when it comes to safely planning important projects.

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