High-value brands

We cultivate a brand portfolio with a worldwide reputation consolidated under the SFS brand. The SFS intec, SFS unimarket, GESIPA, Unisteel and Tegra Medical brands stand for expertise and reliability.


Over the years the company brand has become SFS. There is no abbreviation hidden behind the three letters. The SFS brand rather represents our corporate culture and our values.

Engineered Components

In the Engineered Components segment we serve our customers under the SFS intec, Unisteel and Tegra Medical brands. SFS intec products are supplied to the automotive and aerospace industries, the medical components industry is supplied with products under the SFS intec and Tegra brands. Products for consumer electronics and hard disc drives are marketed under the Unisteel brand.

Fastening Systems

Fastening Systems distributes its products under the SFS intec and GESIPA brands. For construction and construction suppliers we develop, manufacture and distribute fastening solutions under the SFS intec brand. The GESIPA brand stands for the development, manufacture and distribution of high-quality blind rivets, blind rivet washers and powerful setting tools.

Distribution & Logistics

Distribution & Logistics provides fasteners, tools, architectural hardware, chemical-technical products as well as value-adding logistics solutions under the SFS unimarket brand in Switzerland. The tailored logistics solutions enable customers to achieve substantial savings in their process costs.


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